Woodenwindow sillsfor self-assembly

Until recently, in many apartments one could see old, concrete or plastic window sills terrifying in appearance. Luckily, today there are a lot of possibilities to create constructions tailored to the interior design of each space. Our company offers customized wooden window sills made of beech, ash and oak. The sills are prepared for self-assembly and they are made of 100% natural materials cut to any size.

We offer products made only from hard wood species - oak, ash or beech. Depending on the client's expectations, we can provide raw, polished and ready for painting or colorless lacquered window sills. For those who prefer other solutions, we recommend models stained in many different colors.

For your convenience, we have prepared a special form that will allow you first to select proper parameters, such as the type of the edges and corners, material or dimensions, and then place your order. All products we provide are ready for self-assembly, thanks to which our offer is very cost-effective.

What makes us different?

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We cut to your size specifications

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We choose
colors individually

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We offer professional advice

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Shipping by courier

Order form

Manufacturing of a product ideally suited to your needs is our priority. In order to make our work more efficient, we have prepared a clearly structured form, thanks to which you will place an order in a few moments and we will know your preferences and requirements. We kindly ask you to read carefully all the points and descriptions of separate options.

A thoroughly completed form will help us to avoid misunderstandings and it will contribute to a faster implementation of the order.

The form is for valuation purposes only

1 Address details

2 Delivery and payment

3 Edges and corners

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Only the upper edges of window sills are finished


4 Material

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5 Painting

6 Dimensions of window sills

Please mark the window sills in the balcony windows.

No. Length [cm] Width [cm] Thickness [cm] Number of pieces Comments





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