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Durable, timeless furniture
made of solid wood.

Every home is different and unique, just like the family that makes it up. In our offer you will find a wide selection of solid wood furniture for your family, whether you prefer classic or modern style. Welcome to the world of unique wooden furniture, neatly combining simplicity and elegance. We offer durable and sturdy wooden beds, oak tables and stylish ash wood furniture.

Our products are handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail, and charm with their simplicity and quality of workmanship.

We have been producing furniture for you since

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Self-supporting stairs

Self-supporting stairs are an ideal choice for simple and modern interiors.

Self-supporting stairs are an ideal choice for simple and modern interiors.
Are you looking for a staircase that is a stand-alone structure, allowing for design variety? Self-supporting stairs add lightness to interiors and take up relatively little space.
Self-supporting stairs produced by us are characterized by the highest quality solid wood, precise workmanship and unique design.
We create individual projects based on customer guidelines, so that our products meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and will be the decoration of any interior.

We cut stairs using CNC technology.

schody drewniane

Stairs for concrete and metal structure

Do you dream of a wooden staircase that is an integral part of your interior? The choice of stairs is an extremely important part of the finishing of the house. It is undeniable that a beautiful wooden staircase is an ornament and adds character to the interior. Traditional staircases complement cozy rooms, while those on a custom construction warm up modern interiors.

We offer traditional stairs on concrete, carpet stairs, shelf stairs, self-supporting stairs and stairs for self-construction. You are sure to find here a timeless staircase that complements any interior.

nakładki do renowacji schodów

Overlays for old stairs

Overlays for the renovation of stairs allow you to completely change the appearance and character of any interior.

Are you in the process of renovating the stairs in your interiors? Old stairs no longer look as good as before? Or maybe you want to change the style of your interior?

Replacement of stairs does not always have to be problematic. The solution is the staircase renovation overlays made of solid wood that we produce.

You can have the wooden staircase of your dreams without much hassle!

What sets us apart?


We know how important time is, that’s why we make sure that the ordered products reach you within the agreed deadline.

Solid workmanship

Our products are made with extreme care in 100% solid hardwood, which guarantees durability and solidity.

Polish product

By choosing Polish products, you are choosing a certain quality and supporting Polish entrepreneurs.

We cut to size

We make each product tailored to individual order, so that the final product fully meets your expectations.

Window sills and countertops

Manufactured only from the highest quality wood

Wood is increasingly appearing not only on the home floors, but also as an element of interior design. No wonder – wooden window sills or kitchen countertops not only charm with their timeless appearance, but also surprise with their solidity and durability. In our offer you will find traditional window sills, and those with oflis, as well as overlays for old window sills. Made with special care, properly protected, they will be the decoration of your home for many years.